It’s family reunion time!!!
I come from a large family and our semi-annual family reunions are a great time to get together and bond. I have noticed that in the past couple of years, since having two kids, I look at all activities differently. Trying to have a conversation with other adults while you have a bored child fighting for your attention can be challenging. I’ve learned that children need to have a fun, safe activity to keep them occupied. That started me thinking… We have a perfect solution to that very problem!! We have bounce houses that work either indoors or outdoors, that are fun for all ages, and are great exercise. If you throw in corn-hole (bean bag toss) for the older kids and adults, a tent or two for shade, and you’d have yourself a very nice get together. So, even though our products may be obvious choices for birthday parties and block parties, they also work well for other events. Keep us in mind for your next reunion, reception or anniversary. Call or book online today!