Why start a bounce house rental business?

Very often we are asked what it takes to start a bounce house business.  I usually smile and say something about the fact that it’s not for the faint of heart.  The truth is that, most days, there is no money in it.  Also, it’s very physically demanding.  On a busy day there are sand bags to move, stakes to hammer into the ground and 450 pound bouncers to roll up and move around. Not to mention that we tirelessly vacuum and sanitize each and the bouncers before and after each rental.  During our days off, we clean tarps and organize our inventory, take calls, obtain permits, post flyers, type up invoices and studying safety practices. So, why on earth would anyone start a business that is that tough, and pays next to nothing?

Well….. we do it because we love it!  We do it because we are big kids who get a kick out of seeing happy children!  Also, because our customers are happy to see us drop off the equipment, and always sad to see it go.  We do it because it’s is almost impossible to bounce around without a smile on your face, and we like being the one responsible for that.  In this stressful, fast paced world we all need a little more jumping, playing, sliding, splashing, laughing and good clean fun.   If you need some of that delivered to you, give us a call.