Bounce houses for kids birthday parties!

We love bringing bounce houses for kids birthday parties! Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of being a part of a number of events. While we really do enjoy weddings, family reunions, daycare events, and back to school parties, kids birthday parties are a real treat!    At lease a few times a season we have parents that choose not to tell their child that we are coming, and those moments are my favorite. When you see a child’s face light up as the bounce house inflates to it’s full size, it is amazing!  It seems like bounce houses and kids birthday parties just go hand in hand. As you can probably tell, we enjoy what we do, and we love our customers.

So, if you have a kid that is special to you and you want to make their day amazing, we would be thrilled to be a part of it. Please give us a call, book online, or visit us on Facebook today to reserve you bounce house.


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