I’m happy to announce that Jump and Play RVA is now certified by SIOTO – Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization – for Basic Inflatable Safety Operations Certification. This certification ensures you that we’ve been certified to correctly install and operate the inflatables and bounce houses according to industry standards.

This certification is optional for operators to learn, study, and sit and pass an 80 question knowledge exam.  Not all operators are certified, but I’ve take the additional step to ensure your bounce house / inflatable installation and operation can be as safe as possible.

We take safety seriously and want to provide the safest equipment and installation so you can experience fun and enjoy the memories that bounce houses make.

What does that mean to you?

From www.SIOTO.org site –

As a consumer using an inflatable for any event from backyard birthdays to school carnivals or company picnics and practically any event you deserve the right to find qualified and dedicated operators who are safety conscious with a strong commitment to bring you a safe enjoyable experience.  SIOTO is dedicated to industry standard training and the rental operators displaying these seals have proven their commitment by accepting these standards as their way of safe operations in the inflatable party rental industry.

Please consider this additional effort by us to ensure your event is safe when planning your party.  This training is no additional cost to you but will provide you peace of mind that Jump and Play RVA has your safety first and foremost.

Book online today.  We look forward to serving you a fun and enjoyable experience.

It’s a great day to play in RVA!