Amusement rides are required to be inspected annually per Virginia law ( Who knew? Inflatables are considered amusement rides which means we fall under this requirement. We are proud to announce that all bouncers passed the 2019 inspection without any identified issues. We welcome this inspection to ensure our equipment is safe, properly maintained, and installed correctly. We are charged the same price per unit as the larger amusement carnival rides, however, we don’t view this as unfair. It’s part of running a safe business.

It was an interesting sight to see all of the bouncers in our yard. The kids got home to an inflatable wonderland. E2 reported that kids on the bus were singing Happy Birthday to her.

Our inspector was impressed with our bouncers condition and that we installed with more than the minimum equipment.

Here is a picture of some of the inflatables being prepped for inspection.

Prepping the inflatables

2019 Annual Inspection

We want to be a fun and safe company. Make sure you choose wisely when looking for a bounce house.

It’s a great day to play in RVA!