Wow! What a tremendous first two months we’ve had as new owners of Jump and Play RVA! We are proud to have made it through the initial paperwork…and a lot of it…to get up and running. Who knew that there’d be so much to get done before renting the first bounce house and then subsequent follow ups.

We are so happy to have rented to many new faces and familiar ones. All of our bookings have been a pleasure to handle, and we look forward to many more. Everyone has been very understanding to helping us learn as well and most folks think we’ve been doing this for a while.

We’ve been able to introduce a small change, but one that is good for our customers and better for the environment. We now use an e-signature solution to capture signatures on our required agreements. This solution allows us the opportunity to save of 6 sheets per rental! Pretty sweet if you ask me!

The three Es have been excited to see each of our customers too. They are learning about customer experience and how a business is run. In addition, they have been so helpful in set ups and tear downs. It gives all of us a great workout and a good night’s rest! We will continue to learn and a few of us are on our way to becoming a Tetris champions by stacking all the required materials in the truck and trailer. With all 5 bouncers, it looks like the Beverly Hillbillies coming down the road!

In addition to stacking, we work together as a team. We plan out who is doing what for each set up and tear down prior to arriving. By planning, everyone knows what to do and makes our touch time less, and our customers get more play time by our efficiency.

Overall, the first two months have been an incredible learning experience for all of us, and we will continue to learn. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product and an exceptional customer experience. We appreciate all of our customers and encourage new customers to come on board because “It is a great day to play in RVA!”

Looking forward, we will refresh our website in the very near future to keep our content fresh and exciting along with delivering a great web experience. We have a few other ideas in the works too!

Thank you to all of our customers! We appreciate you!

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-Suzi and Nathan

Chief Fun-Gineers

Jump and Play RVA