In July, we introduced foam parties to RVA! Foam parties are the hot trend in birthday celebrations. We’ve researched to find a complimenting party activity to pair with our awesome bounce houses. While typically known within the night club and adult scene, we have found that our younger audience has even more fun.

What is a foam party?

Imagine a very large bathtub with bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! Kids of all ages love bubble baths so why not bring them outside? Here is Wikipedia’s explanation to your next party event!

What equipment is involved?

Jump and Play RVA has a 20′ x 20′ foam pit that rises 4 ft high to contain all these bubbles! In addition, we have 2 bubble machines to create the most bubbles your eyes have ever seen! The bubbles solution is biodegradeable, hypoallergenic, and will not stain clothes. In addition, it will kill your grass!

Do you get wet?

Yes, but it is not like totally wet! You choose how wet you want to get. You should bring a towel and extra set of clothes.

Is it slippery?

By nature the soap does create some slick areas, so be careful, but have fun!

Does it have to be sunny?

No, a foam party can be enjoyed in rain or shine. As long as there is no thunder or lightning, the party is on!

Want to have a foam party to be be the biggest hit that everyone will be talking about how much fun it was? Book online today! Our pricing starts at $350 and includes 2 hours of foam with an attendant. Additional hours are only $75 each. In addition, we provide games and activities to keep the participants engaged.

Jump and Play RVA strives to bring innovative and exciting party concepts to RVA. We look forward being part of your next event!

-Suzi and Nathan

Chief Fun-Gineers