Generator rentals are only available with a bounce house rental.

Generac’s iQ2000 is the ideal generator for powering your desired loads in a variety of outdoor environments, including parks, campsites, backyard parties and tailgating events. Best of all, the iQ2000 is easy to use and boasts innovative features not found on any other inverter generator in the industry. While the unit’s Start, Run and Stop functions can be manually set via the iQ2000’s PowerDial, users can toggle between Turbo, Standard and Economy modes through the use of a simple switch to reduce noise and fuel consumption rates based on load requirements. When items requiring higher power outputs are connected to the generator, Turbo mode should be utilized. In regards to product feedback, the unit’s dashboard bestows LED displays that can be utilized to continuously monitor the generator’s operating status. While the unit is running, users can verify how much time they have left before refueling is required by referring to the run-time remaining display, and the PowerBar constantly specifies wattage produced by the generator at all times. Other innovative status indicators include low fuel, low oil, overload and overheating alerts.

We provide 100′ cord to at least a 20 amp receptacle for each blower motor. If you do not have this minimum connection, this generator can be rented to ensure the bouncer can be powered sufficiently. Let us know when booking!

The rental charge includes gasoline and oil required for usage. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure fuel tank is filled and oil levels are monitored.